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Impact human resources: a trustworthy partner for Work

Impact HR is an employment agency that’ll gladly work for you. If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner in finding temporary work then Impact HR is the place to be!

Impact HR is known for finding nice temporary jobs. Pleasing when you are looking for a temporary job with good working conditions and an interesting salary. Are you  done applying and just want to work? Come and join us and let us help you get a job in no time.

Why sign up at impact HR?

Our answer is simple: Impact HR guarantees good and personal contact. We won’t make you a number. We treat each and every applicant with the respect they deserve, regardless of the country of origin. We have understanding for other cultures and our co-workers do speak a variety of languages (Dutch, Polish, German and English). This means no language barriers!

Ambiguities because of language may not and cannot occur. Every employee must have a safe workplace which also means that he or she must know exactly what is expected from him/her. You will get clear instructions in the language you comprehend. We will do everything to make you feel at home as quickly as possible with your temporary job.  Impact HR will work for you to make your (temporary) career go smoothly.

Working with us is beneficial, little experience is no problem with us. You will get the opportunity to learn while working which automatically makes you more experienced and will expand your CV! If you don’t like the job you can always try one of the other clients of Impact HR.

A temporary job gives you the opportunity to  get to know different companies and learn to cooperate with colleagues. We will guide you through and in case of any problems you will find in our co-workers good intermediaries.

Our financial business is well arranged which means all payments will be made on time and according to all your working hours. There will be no surprises as all administrative actions are strictly done according to the Dutch labour legislation.

Impact HR provides good guidance

It’s nice to learn new things while satisfying both you and your employer. That’s why we want to help you explore your talents by providing courses for better or other working experiences. A good guidance with your temporary job is therefore of great importance for the rest of your career.